Welcome to Golden Palm Boutique Zanzibar

Your perfect island life getaway

Set in Zanzibar City, Golden Palm Boutique Zanzibar is the perfect destination for travelers who are looking to unwind, relax and explore the very best Tanzania has to offer.

Zanzibar is an incredible place full of memorable natural, historical and cultural treasures. Staying at Golden Palm Boutique Zanzibar gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of it.

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Other offers of the Golden Palm Boutique Hotel

Swimming Pool

The Golden Palm Boutique Hotel has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool for you to enjoy.

Cinema Station

We have a small Cinema Station situated in the Hotel vicinity, that will allow you to watch movies at night time.

The Beach

The Beach is the ideal place to relax, revive, and enjoy the beautiful warm tropical Indian Ocean.


Our restaurant offers an exceptional spread of beautifully created dishes with a mix of African and European flavors.

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